Reflection On Yoga And Meditation

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When you hear someone say I'm going to yoga class you tend to think it’s a woman, but that shouldn't be the case because this past semester I have taken yoga class and I'm a 20 year old college guy, not your typical yoga type, I tend t be a little on the hot head side sometimes but taking this class has helped tremendously with many situations, such as stress, frustration and aggravation. Honestly, this class was not really my thing I wasn't too excited about it when I heard I was put into it but it does help with my peace of mind. I typically have certain goals or at least a purpose for taking a class like this but this one I didn't really have an actual reason to take it, it was something that I really thought would be completely useless too me but it's improved my mental and physical attitude toward most things. It's changed my perspective on how to handle my irritation and annoyance with others and even more so myself. As a guy I'm honestly not too concerned about my own feelings, it not something I…show more content…
Yoga and meditation could play a big part in your life a lot of people don't get that advantage of taking the class that I got to take. I never thought it would be something I'm really into and I think it's good for you just in general I would have trouble waking up in the morning so I would sun salutations to become more attentive then at night I would focus on my deep meditation along with my heart centering to bring my energy back down. Overall I think yoga has changed my perspective on how to look at situations and how to handle them, I believe it can do anyone good in their life, it can build a positive bond with your conscience and other people. I highly advise you take this class even if you don't think it's something you would be into, I very much enjoyed it and hope to continue my
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