Argumentative Essay On Youth Violence

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Daily, we walk past a school bathroom never thinking twice about what it might contain. Little do we know, there is a bullied child hiding within. Daily, we sit in class never wondering why the same girl has been absent from class three days this week. Little do we know, she’s locked herself in her room, afraid of the continuous threats.
Bullying is one of the nation’s threats to teens, every 19 minutes, we lose another to suicide.Youth violence has affected my life in many ways. Here are the questions that will be answered. How has youth violence affected my life? What are the causes of youth violence? What can I do about youth violence?
A few years ago I noticed my sister become more isolated and distant from our family. Often times, she came to me and explained that she was depressed, but never did she explain why. After months and months of never-ending isolation and sobbing, I was called up to the counselor 's office. I didn’t understand why they made me sit in the plastic chairs strung throughout the lobby; but after a few hours, my dad arrived. Out of the
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I can stop youth violence by, putting up posters and doing fundraisers. Also by telling everyone to let their voices be heard. Don’t stand in the dark let your voice get eaten away by the bullies. Settle arguments with words, not fists or weapons. Don 't stand around and form an audience. Negotiate with the bully and tell them the positive things to do if they don’t bully. The next thing I can do is, form a group of people and promote good behavior and cheer on anyone trying to help stop it. Start groups and tell everyone that they are amazing and to never let anyone be their leader. Soon the bullying will decrease and everyone will stop bullying each other. Another way I could stop bullying is, start petitions and have everyone sign it to end bullying. The last way I could stop bullying is to get after-school meetings and show everyone how ending bullying to help the

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