Argumentative Essay On Youtube

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It is clear that the use of technology has changed our world positively. One way it continues to benefit our 21st century is through all the creative websites formed, like Youtube. The purpose of this popular website is to allow people to view and share videos without having to worry about the media player they use.(cbs new) It was created in the year of 2005 by three PayPal employees which was later bought by the number one most visited website in the world, Google(). Youtube stands as the second most visited website(). It has become a resource for education by providing videos to help viewers master skills, It entertains with all the different Youtube channels sharing their creativity and it continues to help many people build a career. As an active participant of this website by being a Youtuber and a viewer, I believe it is a beneficial website to our society despite the current controversial issue.
The concept of Sharing videos with others through a website is the primary reason why Youtube continues to gain
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Tutorial videos uploaded on this popular website has become a source to educate ourselves. Viewers are able to learn different skills such as cooking, playing instruments and even learn how to apply makeup through these Youtubers. A very popular beauty influencer Kandee johnson, teaches her audience her makeup tutorials and transformations.( As a viewer, I have learn different methods to apply make up and hundreds of looks she has on her channel .It is extremely benneficial to the audience and myself because not only are we learning for free but we are able to watch the videos at our own availability. This way make up enthusiasts do not spend anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 attending cosmetology school,( Make up lessons are a great service provided by
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