Argumentative Essay: Parking Facilities In High School

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Tatyanna Parral-Gamarra, a commuter from Falls Church, Virginia, finds driving to class a pain in the asphalt. " I bought a parking permit for both the fall and spring semester and I've only ever parked about 15 to 20 times both semesters in the garage. Every school day I have a class that meets at 9, I only live 15 minutes away so I get to campus at 8:30, but even then there is never a place to park! Thus, I have no choice but to start my commute before 8 o'clock in order for me to park my car. Marymount should be able to accommodate and serve the needs of their students. Recently, I was given a ticket for parking in front of the library; I want to be able to park my car without worrying about getting a ticket.” Parral-Gamarra suggested…show more content…
Plans to make additional parking lots and garages are “based on project and location,” said Malani. "We mostly take care of our parking by leasing. It's beneficial to have a combination of owned and leased facilities to maximize resources. We're better off leasing parking where and when we need it."
Students can expect to find additional parking spots at the new renovated Ballston campus building. "The new building we have three levels of parking and the building will serve any additional needs for parking," Malani said. So if students can't find parking on the main campus they can always take a shuttle from Ballston to main.
I asked Malani to comment on Sumrean's suggestion of bringing back the Mount Olivet leasing spaces; I asked him why they got rid of that option. Malani said, "we gave up Mount Olivet for the Stafford Garage across from the 4040 building. It's much closer to the Ballston metro station, it's accessible to all students." Lastly, Malani spoke on the issue of students getting tickets from Arlington
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