Argumentative Essay: Parking In Schools

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Senior Alyssa Botessi eagerly waits for her mom to pick her up from school. She has her driver’s driving license and a car of her own, but there’s one thing she is missing—a parking pass. As soon as she gets home, she jumps in her car and drives to Hart Mmiddle S school for track practice. “I get dropped off at school by my mom, then I get picked up by her and driven home only for me to take my car up to Hhart or Sstoney for track practice,” Botessi said. “It’s very inconvenient with my track schedule, especially this year because not only is part of the parking lot closed, but the track is too, so the Rochester track team takes their practices elsewhere. It’s hard to say when practice ends, so having my car there with me at practice is important.” Even though senior Mariam Kaakarli was lucky enough to have received a parking pass at the beginning of the school year, she has witnessed many of her friends struggle to come up with solutions to their parking pass dilemmas. “For a while people were able to park in the teacher lot without getting a warning, but then the people doing that…show more content…
“At the football game at RHS along with several other big events, people were able to park on the grass. A parking spot on the grass is better than no parking spot at all.” Kaakarli has a solution of her own to solve the issue. “I feel like the school could have come up with some sort of compromise with Kroger,” Kaarkarli said. “Maybe a portion of Kroger’s parking lot could have been reserved for student drivers.” Botessi believes that due to the limited number of spots, parking at the school should be an upperclassman privilege. “I believe that sophomores should not be able to have parking passes. They still have another two years to be able to drive to and from the school, and most people are not able to drive or afford a car when they are a sophomore
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