Argumentative Essay: Penalties For Drunk Driving

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Penalties for Drunk Driving Drunk driving causes plenty of deaths every year. Most people who drink and drive don’t even realize they are causing any harm. Being drunk impairs our vision and motor skills. Drinking can also effect the choses you make, just like getting into your car and trying to drive. Not everyone who gets busted for drunk driving are in that bad of condition but according the law if your blood alcohol level is .08 or above you are drunk. Now many people drink every day and build a tolerance to alcohol and can drink a lot more than others. What most don’t realize is that all because you don’t feel drunk, doesn’t mean you’re not drunk. Today most people want to see the plenty for drunk driving increase, many also believe that where is right now is fair but we do have a select few who would like to see it decrease. Being drunk and getting into a car and driving is a ridiculous crime to commit. You’re not just putting your own life at risk but everyone else lives too. Most drunk drivers who get into a car crash, don’t get harm but they end up harming the others they hit. Many people believe in an eye for an eye so if you…show more content…
Most states only give you a fine with your first offense but for others its jail time. By giving someone a fine and putting it on their record could change a person. Many people who are pulled over for drunk driving, thought they were fine enough to take the wheel. We are human and we do make mistakes, what we don’t think about is the consequences that can come of it. Our law in America is your considered drunk after your blood alcohol level reaches .08, which is not high for someone used to drinking. I do believe people make mistake and do deserve a second chance, with reasonability. The law is set the way it is for a reason because that’s what our government believe is fair for everyone. We do have people who are constant drinkers that believe the consequences should
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