Why People Need To Stop Bullying Essay

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My claim is people need to stop bullying. I think that people need to stop bullying because when people bully other people it hurt’s the and that could lead to significant problems in the future. Sometimes when the victim get bullied they think that it is ok to hurt the other people that surround their life, and it is never ok to hurt anyone ever. Sometimes when people get bullied they brush it off and it doesn 't hurt them, some people when they get bullied it really hurts them and they could even go into depression, sometimes when people are depressed they think that they don 't need to be alive anymore and they kill themselves or attempt to, which is never the way to go because there are always people that love you in your life you just have to realize who those people are. One more person that is involved in this cycle is the person who stands around and watches people get bullied, and if you…show more content…
The thing that someone might say if they disagreed with me is instead up speaking up for the victim of bullying they do nothing, and some people might say that that is ok because they aren 't hurting anyone and they aren 't changing or hurting the situation, but that is what does hurt the situation which is not doing anything at all, that is called a bystander. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein. What I would say to the person who does not agree with me and would say that being a bystander doesn 't hurt the situation is, maybe it doesn 't hurt the situation but that doesn 't mean that the situation could be better if you helped in pich into the situation, even if you don 't want to help you could tell somebody that has authority in the
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