Argumentative Essay-People Should Be An Organ Donor

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People Should Be an Organ Donor Organ transplantation is not a new idea. It could be found in myths of the ancient Greeks in third century and was referred to by older civilizations. (PBS) However, people thought that it was impossible to do until the World War II, it had became a real strong motivation. (TORSC) After several years, the kidney was the first successful human organ to be transplanted by Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume at Brigham Hospital in Boston on December 23, 1954s. (LiveOnNY) This success transplantation defined as lasting more than half years in recorded history. This case was identical twins, Richard and Ronald Herrick, Richard was dying of advanced glomerulonephritis, so Ronald decided to donate his one of kidneys to his brother, and the transplant of operation was success. Richard’s body did not have any reject reaction. ( After that, the organ transplantation began active. In 1960s, the liver, heart, and pancreas were transplanted successfully. The first successful transplantation of lung and intestinal were performed in 1980s. In Taiwan, people do not have enough knowledge…show more content…
Not only the patient but also the family is the most painful. They have to see their loved one on the verge of death, so if they know someone can help them, they will be very comforting and try to come out of the death. Furthermore, the patient will think that he/she has to wait until someone gives him/her philanthropy, so he/she needs to take courage to continue his/her live. The most important thing for patients is they need to have determination to face their sick. On the other hand, they may in despair unless we have organ donation. As a result, you save both the patient and his/her family members’ life. They will really appreciate what you have done and more appreciative of life. Besides, the receiver will take a part of you to be brave to

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