Argumentative Essay: Police Protests

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People should have the right to express any religion they choose but only in the privacy of their home or a church or other places to worship. People should not be able to harm people physically or mentally because of their religion. You may not break any laws or rights just because that is what their religion states. People should be allowed to say what they feel or belief in a public space. People however may not say hateful things to someone at any time even if it is a rally. In the press people should only allowed to state facts in a news standpoint. They should not be allowed to express their opinion when people are looking for an unbiased standpoint. When watching the news people would like to know that all the news they are getting is…show more content…
Police should be able to monitor the protest and make sure they are not in the way of anyone not willing to protest because their protest should not stop a normal routine of someone else. If someone is on their way to work than they should not be stopped because protesters are in the streets and the person could be on there way to work and they could lose their job because of them being late. Police brutality is very controversial because there are many people that are wrongly accused and there are people that are beat for no reason. I think police should be controlled by an unbiased group because they need to be controlled but then the civilians need to be controlled by the police. There needs to be more laws in place so people can express their opinion in the street. There needs to be more laws in place so that police brutality is not something that happens on a daily basis. The right to petition is when people are allowed to get together and discuss the government and how they should change the government. People should not be allowed to start riots just because they don 't agree with something that is happening because of the

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