Argumentative Essay: Preventing Gun Violence In America

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Though stopping gun violence would be wonderful, it’s an ideal that America can no longer conquer. Too many citizens would disobey new laws to ban guns from our citizens’ grasp. Riots would arise, and illegal trades would become all the more frequent. But, there are solutions that could decrease the amount of gun violence within our country. Many agree that no law can prevent gun violence as a whole, but some suggested bills seemingly may be very helpful. One of the more popular suggestions would be to expand background checks (obviously). This one would be fairly simple to place, and the only ones complaining would be to-be criminals. Extreme universal checks would be very beneficial, and prevent the more-so disordered minds from attempting to buy their violent toys. Another possibly effective bill would be to demand an increase of mental health treatment. Before purchasing a gun, citizens would need to take a test in order to see if they’re “in the right place”. I’m quite surprised that neither of these proposals haven’t already been…show more content…
If you’re insane enough to shoot dozens of innocent civilians, laws can’t stop you. If I were the criminal at Las Vegas’s shooting, I doubt any laws placed would've stopped me from having those guns. I had a wonderful past record, and my family couldn’t even tell that I was insane. Hilariously easy. But wait, I have an idea! Take away all the guns. No, that wouldn’t work as many would hide guns or purchase guns from the black market, ya know? My point is, nothing can stop insane minds from doing insane activities. It’s impractical. I’d also like to make the statement that our country has already been doing quite well with gun violence. In fact, gun violence has continued to steadily decrease over the many years. Though Las Vegas was a terrifying event, it was a very rare one that won’t happen anytime soon (according to

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