Argumentative Essay: Prison Doesn T Reform People

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Prison is a very harsh and bad place that no one should want to be in. Little freedom can make a person really aggravated. Nobody wants to be away from their family with little contact allowed. Little space and little privacy can only go for so long. Personally I think prison doesn't reform people because there are many repeat offenders, some people act worse when they get there, and also some people just don't like help and never want to change.
In the entire United States four of ten offenders return to prison within three years. Half of them because they did the same thing that sent them there in the first place. Personally I know this is a true statement because my mother and father are two of the four who have went back to prison within three years of release. They would get out and go right back to the things they were doing before. Never thinking twice, just going out and doing it over and over until they get stopped or caught. You would think someone would learn and prison would help but it doesn't always turn out to be that way.
Over 50% of people who go to prison end up getting in more trouble while staying in the facility (32% of the people get in more trouble just for fighting another inmate). Changing is a hard thing to do over time, and when people test you sometimes it's hard to control yourself. While in prison others
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Some just want to be alone and most just refuse to get help. Many think getting help is like committing another crime, since they act as they are independent and don't need anyones help. Counseling is a big thing in prison because if you take classes and get the help you need, you can get an earlier release. It doesn't necessarily reform you but it does help you become a better act of a person. When people refuse to get help then it makes them stay the person they were before and the person they will most likely be for the rest of their

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