Argumentative Essay: Pro-Life Or Murder?

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Abortion has always been an extremely controversial topic. Abortion is known as the process of terminating an unplanned pregnancy, but to others it is typically referred to as “murder”. The medical procedure itself has been legal and practiced since 1973. Although its legality is approved; many individuals feel as if that is unacceptable and this is continuously frowned upon. There are two different opposing views such as pro-life and pro-choice. Whether or not you agree or disagree there will always be a raging counterargument pertaining to the life or death dilemma. Pro-life is the basic understanding that the baby should be kept by all means, and with no indifference to such it would be declared as murder. As stated in the article, “many people, who are strongly religious, however, do not recognize any difference between emergency contraceptives because they believe that human life begins at the very moment of fertilization.” (Further implementing that the government has to right to preserve all human lives) In addition many individuals…show more content…
Since there is a constitutional right to an abortion and it is the mother who has conceived it’s ultimately declared to be up to them. Also, it should be said that it’s their bodies, and also with the formality that their abortion doesn’t affect anyone else and it involves initially the mother and the unborn fetus. The decision on whether or not an abortion should take place is upon the individual discretion. I completely disagree with Mr. Akin on the statement that “Rape is a horrific violation of human dignity, but it is not a valid justification for abortion.” There are certain circumstances to be considered such as rape which would obviously lead to an unwanted conception, thus a definite reason to terminate a
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