Argumentative Essay: Public School Vs. Palmer High School

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Everything in life is a two way street. Good and bad. Right or wrong. Going to a new place to see or going to your local favorite spot. School versus school. Attending Palmer High School for three years, out of my four year high school experience, then realizing the teaching of the wrong things at Palmer, Community Prep School was my next stop. Breaking it down to the basics of school, doing high school math is going to be the same of you do it with an instructor or on a computer. No matter what school you go to or not in school doing a task with a dead line is the same. Palmer High School and Community Prep School are two very different worlds when analyzing in the aspect of a healthy environment. At Palmer, grades are the only thing that…show more content…
If an individual likes to be stressed all the time, sleep deprived from countless hours of homework all while being criticised by their friends and teachers, Palmer is a good place. As a teenager struggling with the transition into adulthood, Community Prep allows you to take the days you need to deal with real life, outside of school. That is how high school should be ran. Roughly a standard high school in Colorado Springs has 184 working schools days. At Community Prep there are just about 200 working days. These few extra days allows students to take on the workload in a more manageable fashion. Everything from the how class is ran, to the lunches. Things are put together to benefit students on the day to day time frame, over the long run helping the kids who are attending Community Prep better their lives in all aspects. High school is all about taking the time to grow up and see how the world works. At Palmer, the environment that the study body and faculty have created is a world separate from the rest of society. There is no chance to get real world problem solving skills within the walls at Palmer. In a traditional high school, such as Palmer, they do teach you how to follow a formula and memorize lump sums of information. At Palmer they do push you to go to College, and have organizational skills. With those encouraging pushes, comes a lot of stress from teachers and grades. Community Prep all of the same tools are provided
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