Argumentative Essay: Puppy Mills And Animal Rights

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Puppy Mills are a growing problem, however, many Americans remain unsure about what they actually are. Well imagine yourself being stuck in a small room, nowhere to go, nowhere to run, not being able to live the life you wanted to. Well, to me that is a clear example of a Puppy Mill. Puppy Mills are a commercial dog breeding facility, where they leave their dogs in an unsanitary and overcrowded environment. If they are lucky they will have food, however, the food will be contaminated with bugs. Due to their environment, dogs are badly injured and are left without veterinary care, these facilities don't sympathize the dog's health and welfare of the animals. These commercial dog-breeding facilities only focus on increasing profit. Puppy Mills are unfair and just not right because of the terrible conditions these dogs have to face. A public policy proceeding domesticated animal rights is that…show more content…
According to Madonna of The Mills “Puppy millers can make more than $300,000 growing puppies every year”(10 Things To Know About Puppy Mills) This shows us that puppy millers make big bucks from selling dogs. In the article Friends of Animals, it stated that “Puppy mills comprise 80% of the AKC’s business. It registered 917,247 puppies in 2003 at the cost of approximately $25.00 per puppy”(Puppy Mills, Pet Shops, and the AKC Basic Facts). Also, the article Why the AKC fights for Puppy Mills stated that “The AKC earns big bucks from commercial breeders...Puppy Mills. An estimated 40% of the AKC’s annual $61 million revenue comes from dog registrations. Of that amount, the largest percentage of the funds come from mass breeding operations…many of which are Puppy Mills”(Why the AKC fights for Puppy Mills) These two articles shows us that the AKC needs Puppy Mills around to make the profit but if Puppy Mills started closing down, the AKC would run out of business, therefore, they support Puppy

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