Argumentative Essay: Reasons Against Railroad Lobbying

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Argumentative Essay: Reasons against Railroad Lobbying
Lobbying is the act to influence business and government leaders to create legislation that will help an organization. Some of the reasons against railroad lobbying include:
Control the ground
Lobbyists will always succeed by owning the debate, steering conversations away from those they can’t win and those that they can. For instance in a public discussion on adverse impact lobbyists will opt to have the debate with the politicians and the media about the benefits and once the conversation has become dominant, the public voice becomes irrelevant to them. The trick of using the media when they need it and avoid it when they also want to contribute to this factor about controlling the ground.
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An increase in taxes, however, has not reduced the fares that always rise above official rates of inflation. The government imposed artificial structure on the privatization rail industry is one of the contributing factors to this increased taxpayer burden. Railways that are developed in private sectors have a high degree of integration. The privatization model includes one firm owning and mainlining the tracks, another operating the trains while another set of firms is leasing out the rolling stock while the industry is regulated by government agencies Thus the burden falls on the taxpayer. A structural reform that would thus help reduces the burden on the taxpayers (Harris, 249). One of the things that would be kept in place would include abolishing price controls, provision of new capacity left to the private sector without taxpayer support, build new infrastructure in high demand locations, and uneconomical projects that are driven by political motives and special interest lobbying would be abolished. The tax imposed on businesses and individuals to support the railway industry destroy job creation and wealth creation as well. Removing rail subsidies could assist in benefiting the passengers by bringing in entrepreneurship and innovation on the railways that could help bring down

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