Argumentative Essay: Rick Snyder Should Step Down

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On a hot and sunny Flint afternoon kids were playing outside enjoying the weather when suddenly the kids begin to get thirsty. When they soon walk in the house and turn on the faucet and brown lumps of water comes out and with disgusted looks on their face the kids hold up the glass… The above scene which played out is the reason why governor Rick Snyder should step down. One reason why governor Rick Snyder should step down is because he decided to take water from the poor instead of the fortunate. The first question is why would you even think about taking water from the less fortunate? They already can’t afford special and certain things. So, to take something that is needed for themselves is just an added stress on their part. Also, including…show more content…
They feel or at least what some are understanding is that Rick Snyder should not step down because he probably can’t do much for The Flint Water Crisis nor might he know how to stop the situation or they might not hold it over his head considering that people hold the bad stuff over his head not including all the good things that Rick Snyder has done. However, what they don’t realize is that Rick Snyder decided to take water from the poor community instead of the more fortunate especially not realizing the fact that if you're taking stuff from the less fortunate where could they possibly go to? But, instead you take it from the fortunate even though they have more money to at least get back on there feet. Another reason why some people don’t understand is that it's been getting worse, not better. So, all of the apologies were unneeded. Yes, I understand that we should accept and let him take care of business. But, he isn’t make very smart choices. Rick Snyder is governor so he is suppose to govern us meaning “take care of” so if you wanted to be a governor and accepted not to help people in a crisis such as The Flint Water Crisis then most definitely you should step down. The last reason why people don’t understand why Rick Snyder should step down is because Rick Snyder knew about the water being contaminated. What kind of person that is supposedly suppose to help the people lets many
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