Argumentative Essay: Santa Claus V.

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It was mid-December in the North Pole during the time that Rudolph catches Emma the elf eating candy canes nonstop. Rudolph knows that her behaviour is wrong so when Santa Claus comes to feed the reindeer their peppermint flavoured gingerbread pellets that night he tells Santa what he saw. As he hears this he becomes cross with the elf. Santa has a wish to talk with Emma regarding the candy cane scenario but she’s sound asleep. He doesn 't wake her up because the night is soon to be over. Suddenly Yuletide music starts to play loudly that the alarm clocks render at exactly 5:30 am. All the elves get out of bed and prepare for a long day 's work. To start the day they go off to eat breakfast. Santa’s first to the table and Emma’s last. As they finish eating Mr. Claus pulls the elf away from the table to talk with her.…show more content…
Soon enough it was time for the trial. Santa, Mrs. Claus and the head elf were the jury. Rudolph was on the opposition and Emma had Frosty the snowman as her lawyer. Everyone says what they needed to but her punishment is equivalent to stealing Christmas. This punishment is being trapped in the snow globe on Santa’s nightstand for an entire year. Santa then aims his magic pocket-sized ornament and taps the painted star, she enters the snow globe in less than a millisecond. The first thing Emma does in the snow globe is redecorate because she figures that if she’ll be in her for a year it might as well be like it is in her bosom . It felt like home especially with the gingerbread house, Christmas tree, Santa statue and a Rudolph statue. A weeks later it 's December 23rd and she overhears Santa freaking out about how not all the gifts will be ready for the big flight. He barely slept that night thinking of how to get all the toys ready in only a few hours. He only thought up one solution: speeding up the process to make a toy. All the elves and Santa immediately start to make toys in pyjamas with an
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