Argumentative Essay: Should All States Legalize Drugs?

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Recently, four states, including Washington, DC have legalized marijuana for recreational use to people over the age of 21. Many states have decriminalized the possession of small amount marijuana for first-time offenders. The debate is growing regarding the legalizing drugs. However, this debate is not new. The question to legalized drugs has been around since 1972. The question is now should all states legalized drugs. Many studies demonstrate the pros and cons regarding this matter. James Wilson wrote an essay discussing the downfall of legalized any drugs. Is his theory correct and if so why? But first, who is James Wilson? James Wilson was born on May 27, 1931, and passed away on March 12, 2012. President Richard Nixon appointed…show more content…
Wilson was referring to Milton Friedman when he prepared the statement regarding logical fallacy and factual error. Mr. Friedman published the same year an essay in the Newsweek stating that the government should legalize heroin. His argument founded on two points: the government has no rights in dictating what a person can and cannot do and financial gain. Many advocates, like Milton Friedman, believes the risk is less than people imagine. The logic is that the social harm that drugs will cause already exist through the abuse of alcohol. The problem will “be out in the open where it could be treated as a matter of public health”, (Wilson 564). The factual error occurred due to the lack of facts. The information that provided was on the usage of cocaine before crack was introduced. Studies conducted on one type of drugs. However, advocates like Friedman and Nadelmann wanted all drugs to be legalized. Each party made excellent points regarding the legalization of drugs. However, Mr. Wilson points outweigh the points of his challengers. He clearly demonstrates that the government will lose more money, the states will cut more budgets to create the different programs that are needed. That drug addiction will increase instead of decreasing. Although there are several states that have legalized marijuana, there are not enough studies to show the benefits. Studies are needed to show the increase in revenue and decrease in crimes before any decisions finalized to legalized
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