Argumentative Essay: Should America Have Better Gun Control?

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Should America Have Better Gun Control? Why do we keep waiting? It seems that our lives revolves around guns. Should we keep allowing this to continue? Over the course of history most deaths are caused by guns. If guns didn’t exist the planet will be a better place than it is right know. There’s been many mass murders caused by people for selfish reason or because of mental illness. America should have better gun control. Over the years, many of the kills known to history are done by guns. War World 2, killed many of them but it was done with guns; even if the people were innocent, they would kill them. That year they killed thousands of people only because they thought they deserved to die only because they had a different belief or religion…show more content…
There’s been many deaths caused by gangs they done many drive by. The sad part is the people who are murder are innocent people that are relate or close to their real target. Also when this killings happen the police discards the case and they forget about the innocent person. This also causes for more gangs to kill since police discard the case. In the website they said, “80% of killings are done by gangs.” Guns also influence more gang violence. If you go visit the getto side many carry a gun with them. For their own sake because how wants to die. Many who carry guns are also apart of gangs they have it with them to get ready if they are going to get kill or jumped by people. In conclusion we should have better gun control. There are roughly 32,000 gun deaths per year in the United States. That’s a big number of deaths. There should be a law were every gun how has ever been checked out or bought to have a number and if stole they have to report about just in case someone is trying to use it for the something bad. For the better and the sake of our planet we should have better gun control considering it will save a lot of lives. Maybe even make this place
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