Argumentative Essay: Should Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms

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America is one of the most unique and prominent countries in the world, primarily because of it powerful and efficient legal system. With that being said, it is that efficient legal system that provides Americans with the freedoms that they have known and grown accustom to. However, if one of those freedoms were to be stripped from the American people, one would assume that America as we know it, would be drastically changed forever. Yet, if American’s had to give up one of their constitutional rights, it would be safe to assume the right to bear arms would probably result in the least amount of change in American society while simultaneously providing a new level of protection to the American people. In recent times, gun violence amongst the American people have become evermore prevalent. Just this past year, the lives of many innocent people have been taken due to the senseless acts of gun owners in America. While killing someone with a gun is illegal, the real issue lies in the fact that owning the gun is not, because all American citizens have the right to bear arms. The issue with this, is that not every citizen has the…show more content…
However, if we had to choose one right to get rid of, the best option for the American people would be to get rid of the right to bear arms. It would not only better protect the citizens of America, but I believe it would result in the least amount of upheaval amongst the American people and would most importantly reestablish the lost connection between the citizens of America and American law enforcement. The year 2016 is very different from the year 1787, when the American constitution was drafted. The significant changes in the time periods call for significant changes in American’s rights and I believe by abolishing the right the bear arms, America and its people will be impacted in a much more positive

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