Argumentative Essay: Should Art Be Censored?

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Art can be inspiring, angering, even offencive, but should it be censored? Art has been around for almost as long as humans have, but times are changing and great deal of artwork is being deemed vulgar and inappropriate for kids and teenagers, no matter its historical value. This leads to the art being censored or not shown at all in school and public settings. I believe that art shouldn’t be censored.
Seeing past works of art gives an inside look at that period of history. It shows not only the culture and beliefs, but what was on the people’s minds at the time. Art defines the past and studying it is important to understand the point of view of the people who made the artwork and the composition of it. When art is censored it takes away
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Keane states, “An unfortunate commonplace in our educational institutions these days is the notion that students must be protected from certain literature because it could damage them or trigger hidden traumas.”
James T. Keane, an editor at Orbis Books, states another problem, which is that censorship limits what can be taught in schools. Books such as The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird are all banned despite the educational purposes of them.("Banned & Challenged Classics." Banned & Challenged Classics. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.) To Kill a Mockingbird was taught in many schools for years because of the lessons that are shown throughout the novel. To Kill a Mockingbird was banned because of racial slurs and mature themes.
Author Judy Blume says, “Educators are trusted with a big part of our children’s lives. Teaching them. It’s a partnership with parents and should be taken seriously and personal opinions of educators should not be part of their job, When parents demand censoring in schools, educators are limited to what they can use and how they can use it when it comes to teaching our children”("Effects of Censorship." Censorship & Judy Blume. Web. 17 Feb. 2016.)
Judy Blume expresses(I should probably look up how to analyze a

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