Argumentative Essay: Should Auschwitz Be Preserved?

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Should Auschwitz be Preserved? Auschwitz was the number one death camp in the Holocaust. There is still some hair, shoes, suitcases, and orthopedic braces left that are beginning to rot. About 90% of the prisoners were Jews. The holocaust continued from 1933 until 1935. Some people believe that Auschwitz should not be preserved. However, Auschwitz should be preserved because of educational purposes and so it will not be forgotten. One reason Auschwitz should be preserved is for education. A former inmate stated, “I believe this place should be handed down from generation to generation, so that in the future, no nation-I would stress, no nation-should repeat this” (Gizbert). This supports the argument because the former prisoner believes if the camp is preserved the future generations can see how tragic this was, so it will never happen again. Another former inmate stated, “So that the hundreds of thousands of visitors, who are coming from all over the world, will see what happened-in this place, in our time” (Gizbert). Furthermore, he wants the people in the…show more content…
So, if people leave the place to rot, it is disrespectful to the prisoners that suffered and died here. Also, The article “Save Auschwitz, or leave it to rot?” stated, “In 1947, Poland passed a law declaring Auschwitz had to be preserved forever” (Gizbert). In addition, since preserving Auschwitz is a law, the law should be followed. Two reasons Auschwitz should be preserved are for educational purposes and so it will not be forgotten. Clearly, Auschwitz should be preserved because the Nazis did not want it to last. Furthermore, Auschwitz is a monument and monuments should not be left to rot. Lastly, this place should be preserved, so future generations can see how tragic this event was. In conclusion, Auschwitz needs to be
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