Argumentative Essay: Should Baseball Be In The Olympics

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Should baseball be in the Olympics? Just think you are a professional baseball player watching the Olympics, the Olympics YOU should be in. You would feel awful because all the other sports are in the Olympics except the one that you play. When young children grow up, it is their dream to be in the Olympics. To help make the possibility of their dreams increase, the Olympics should have more sports. Baseball would help those kids, not only to make their dreams come true, but also healthier. International Softball President Dan Porter, who is referring to baseball's 65 million participants worldwide said, “We are probably the largest sport that's not on the current Olympic program in terms of numbers. Another quote by Dan Porter suggests that many younger boys and girls want to get their Olympic dreams back, but without baseball, that won't happen. According to Tomiaki Fukuda, if we have more Olympic sports that are outside, it will drive kids and adults to go outside. Not only will baseball help kids achieve their dreams, but also there are many countries that could participate in the Olympic Games for baseball, outside the United States of America. In the last Olympics that included baseball, (2008) there were eight teams participating in the…show more content…
Jonathan Kolatch, a writer for the Los Angeles times wrote “Baseball and softball will share the same field, saving tens of millions of dollars. The Asian Games, the second-largest international sporting festival, has used this formula effectively.” This has been proved by the Asian Games, so how can this not save money? Oh wait, it can! Also, the Olympics will be more popular with baseball in it, and make even more money. “Baseball played in the 55,000-capacity Tokyo Dome, has the capacity to draw 1 million more spectators to the Olympics than can fit into the proposed 10,000-seat wrestling venue”. Some people do say that the fields would be too expensive but that is not
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