Argumentative Essay: Should Books Be Banned Books?

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I interviewed Lee on her opinion on this book, she said, “even though parts of this book sound hard to read, it seems like it gives a good warning on how drug use can destroy a person’s life. Banning extremely graphic or offensive books is a good idea, but when they can teach teenagers about how drugs destroys your life, they should not be banned. However, these kind of books have to be very careful to not make drug use seem like a good time with friends and nothing bad will ever happen.”
I interviewed Amy on her opinion, she said, “This book seems very depressing and hard to read. I believe that books should be banned if they’re this hard to read. Not that every book has to have a happy ending, but this book just seems to lack in a plot. She seemed to not learn her lesson or are you just reading about a girl that just went through a lot of bad things? Judging by the examples of banned books, it seems like they just ban books when they offend someone.”
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If they insight violence, or cause people to act out against society, I think a book should be banned. Even for injustices that happen in our country, violence should never be tolerated. Freedom of speech is a valuable thing, and authors should be able to write whatever they want, but not at the cost to be destructive. There are people that would read about that and become curious and try drugs. Sometimes people like to do what they’re not supposed to do because it’s more

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