Argumentative Essay: Should Carla Tell?

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Lying and cheating are dishonest behavior that can get you in trouble. In health care the state has set up a law on personal gain. You cannot ask for, or accept monetary gain over a certain amount to improve your business. It is called the anti-kickback statute (AKS). ( pg,4) “The AKS is a criminal law that prohibits the knowing and willful payment of “remuneration” to induce or reward patient referrals or the generation of business involving any item or service payable by the Federal health care programs (e.g., drugs, supplies, or health care services for Medicare or Medicaid patients.” You might not think computers are remunerated, but any product that helps earn revenue is considered monetary. She is taking a personal gain for herself by getting a discount for her husband because she works for a company that partakes with the Federal health care program.…show more content…
This is not Carla business, and how much can you ever hear when you’re listening to a one-sided conversation, therefore It can be misconstrued and lead to a misunderstanding. If Carla goes to the boss does that make her a tattle tale in the other co-worker’s eyes. I know we are all supposed to be professionals but women can be caddy. It could come down to a he said, she said issue, which could make the other co-workers feel like they need to take sides. This could also affect the office’s morality and contentment. Carla only has a year working in this office and the purchaser could have many more with great reviews and other product savings for the
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