Argumentative Essay: Should Children Drink Soda?

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Should Children Drink Soda? Some say that soda helps digest food for people who have trouble moving food through the digestive tract. But others say that soda has many detrimental effects on people’s health. In my opinion, children shouldn’t drink soda because it is unhealthy for their teeth, it can lead to childhood obesity, and it can affect the way children act in a negative way. For instance, soda can cause unhealthy teeth. Soda contains phosphoric acids and carbonic acids that create a highly acidic environment in the mouth. The acidic environment results in teeth vulnerable to decay. In addition, when children drink soda, the acids attack and softens the tooth enamel. As the acids harm the teeth, the sugar feeds the harmful bacteria…show more content…
Soda is made up of carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sodium benzoate, phosphoric or citric acid, and often caffeine, which are all ingredients that can affect behavior. A study in 2011 revealed that if a teen drank more than five cans of soda a week, he/she would most likely carry a weapon and act violently. Another study that was created by the same author demonstrated that soda was associated with a range of aggressive behaviors such as fighting, feeling sad, hopeless, to even being suicidal. One may argue that these events won’t happen because parents are controlling how much soda their child is drinking a day. However, not every parent controls how much soda their child is consuming. The child whose parents aren’t controlling how much soda they drink will act violently and negatively. As a result, negative behavior and different emotions can be the outcome of children drinking soda. In order for unhealthy teeth, childhood obesity, and negative behavior to not happen, children shouldn’t drink soda. Unhealthy teeth can be caused by the acids and sugar in soda. Furthermore, the sugar in soda is a factor of childhood obesity. Lastly, soda contains many ingredients that could lead to a child with negative and different behavior. Overall, soda should be excluded from a child’s diet due to the effects it could have on
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