Argumentative Essay: Should Children Get A Trophy?

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My soccer team’s season just ended. We won our game 6-1 and I scored 5 of them. I got handed a trophy, everyone else who really tried got one too . Then, they handed one to Timmy. Timmy showed up to three practices and stinks. Why should he get one? If he gets one without coming to practice and trying to get better, I shouldn’t try either. I will get one anyways just for participating in the game. A current question lately is should children get participation trophies? I believe that they should not because it affects them later on. A participation trophy affects your child’s attitude, it hurts you child’s future and it makes you happy.

According to Jeffrey Eisenberg,from the Neumann University Institute, “ By giving trophies to everyone, regardless of the outcome of their games, we strip their desire to compete and achieve.” He also said, “ We are setting up kids for attitudes of entitlement.” This means that children are not willing
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Someone is going to say, 'Why didn't my child get a trophy?' and they don't want the kids to be upset, they want people to come back ... and so it just sort of becomes part of what's expected," said Levey Friedman, a professor of American Studies at Brown University. People who run camps, and teams give out trophies so kids will keep coming back. They depend on the trophies to continue their businesses. The businesses that they buy them from get the money from those camps and…show more content…
Trophies do not motivate the kids to try harder. Ashley Merryman said, “ They don’t give our kids room to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.” According to CNN “ a study earlier this year found that children whose parents overvalued them were more likely to develop narcissistic traits, such as superiority and entitlement, two qualities that aren’t necessarily going to benefit our kids as the going gets
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