Argumentative Essay: Should Children Play American Football

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I strongly believe that children should play American football for the following reasons: football builds character, requires comradery, and involves commitment. There are those who would warn against kids playing the sport because of its barbaric style and safety concerns, but the sport’s positives outweigh the negatives. Football teaches many life lessons that should be installed at an early age. The sport is used to teach boys how to become men. Kids should play football because it builds character. Character is lacking in the current generation. Football demands hard work and determination. The average young person today is taught that they are owed something from society, this belief is far from being true. In reality, one must work hard to achieve goals in life. Determination, or firmness, is a necessity in life. Both of these character traits are taught by football. A child is not going to excel in the sport without putting time and effort in. The child must be set firmly on accomplishing the task at hand. Another thing that football teaches youngsters is comradery. Nothing compares to the closeness, dependability, and loyalty that a team has when they work together. Football allows people from all backgrounds to work jointly towards a common goal.…show more content…
Simply put, football teaches valuable lessons for life. Although, there are valid safety concerns, these should not keep kids from learning these instructions. Many activities have some sort of harm associated with it, but people will still participate in them anyway because of something that they gain from it. Football has much to offer young boys who will be entering the workforce in the years to come. If the average man possessed character, understood comradery, and exercised commitment; the world would be a better place. These three things that men are lacking can be established by playing football at an early

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