Argumentative Essay: Should Children Start Sports?

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So imagine walking into a local rec center and seeing little 5 year olds working hard. Running up and down the court with a coach close behind watching everything. Are they not quite old enough to work that hard? It’s possible at the age of 3 years old to play t-ball, and soccer at the age of 4. The age of sport keep getting younger and younger. Have sports gone too far with starting at such an early age ?

According to Kidshealth, it states that though there's not an age set in stone but the right age is between 6 or 7 years old. So what really is the correct age that children should begin sports ? Starting early in sports, there are some pro’s and con’s to think about. Some favorability to an early start these days are learning basic technique, strengthening muscles to help prevent injury, and to decide whether the child likes the sport. “Personally, I believe that you should start kids early because everyone needs to know the very basic technique to play any sport, also though it can’t be completely prevented stronger muscles lessen the chance of an injury” said Georgia Bolis. Late starts force your child to catch up with all the learning that they missed. With pro’s come con’s, some con’s too early sports are kids being forced to play, the potential for an injury, and the pressure to perform. Some parents also think the amount of contact that our in some sports is too much for undeveloped
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As for Pete he is safe and sound because of rule and regulations that keep his games from fun to a scene with blue and red lights. When choosing to start kids in sports decide for the child, it's them playing anyway. Make sure you do research and have the proper equipment to keep you child safe. Kids should get out their, start early, and get ahead of the competition
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