Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Paid?

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Many people choose to go to college for a career they want or the education, even though they may not like the work, they gain experiences and some things others that may not have gone to college gotten. One of the main reasons people don’t attend college is because of the cost. This is an important topic now because it is more important now than ever since more careers require a college degree. In the past decade tuition, has risen so much more than other goods or services. Many people are asking will colleges lower their tuition because student debt has risen to 1.2 trillion dollars. Many students won’t attend college because they don’t want to drown in college debt like, some people that do. Based on research colleges should lower their tuition because it’s not affordable for everyone, the value, and it would allow more people to attend. Inflation has caused the price…show more content…
Although, that’s not entirely accurate because many of these students will still end up thousands of dollars in debt, that will take years to pay off. In the College Trap by J.D. Vance he states, “One factor is that a lot of colleges are not “need-blind”: They are simply less likely to accept students who will need more financial aid.” (Vance 32). This proves that many people that need the help affording the education may not get it. This can put many students off from going to college because many counselors will say only apply to colleges that you know you can afford without scholarships because they are not guaranteed. Although it is just the counselor’s way of making sure the student is not completely stressed about the cost of the education, it can put many students off from college because they won’t know how they are going to pay for it. While lowering the cost allows the student to have a better chance of being able to afford the tuition and coming up with a way to pay for the
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