Argumentative Essay: Should College Education Be Free?

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I believe college education should be free, if someone is committed and wants to attend school to help them go far in life, I believe no money is needed. This is a real life problem today, families save generous amounts of money for there child to go to college. Every parent wants their child to succeed, and money can be a very wide obstacle to get over. Imagine someone growing up with little support from family members, and is not as fortunate as others, but very intelligent, they have no way of going too college, unless with a scholarship. Scholarships don't always pay for everything but a small or large chunk, depending on the area of success. This intelligent student, is most likely going to be beat in the race for college by someone maybe…show more content…
Most people don't attend college not because of financial issues, but work ethic. Anyone who's willing to give all there time too learning and overcome challenging tasks, there should be nothing stopping them, example, money. Have you ever heard the phrase "practice makes perfect", this is a great saying, it means if you keep trying and trying, you will get better, and potentially do whatever you can imagine. If you put this educationally, if u work hard every hour of every day, you will achieve whatever's possible, this being in high school. This is unlikely though when it comes to college and money doesn't allow you to work hard, because your no longer in an environment where this is found. All colleges price differently, most likely the smarter you are, you will go too a more advanced college, which usually has a higher tuition and vise versa. Although at all colleges Community or University you are with a professor, that is knowledgeable, and at the end of the day if you are where you feel is good for you, any college is great. What's unfortunate about this is money stops all this, if you don't have the money, they don't want you, and this is a problem all over. Some say that community college is better fit for them than a university, but yet again you come to the problem of
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