Argumentative Essay: Should College People Go To College?

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Wouldn’t people like to hear,clap, clap, clap, now go give your speech.That's what happens when people graduate college now some people want to go to college but they do not have the money for it. But what people should know is that if they came up with a thing called free college people would not have to worry. With having free college everyone can have the same amount of fun.The same amount of fun as everybody else.If people get free college, they have a higher chance of doing or getting anything they want in life.Only if citizens work hard for it though.College should be free because people will make more money, people can have more jobs or just one job, but any job people prefer to take, and college graduates are healthier and live longer.To begin with, college graduates make more money than non-college graduates.People 25 and over with a high school diploma get 35,615 dollars.People like adults hear from their children.´´I want money´´, well when their older and if they go to college, they will make a lot of money, but I know some people will be nervous about college because it cost a lot of money to get in, ,but if they came up with free college of course they will be happy and amazed that they can actually send their kids to college.Some people have bachelor degrees.And lucky for them,
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