Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Get Healthier?

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I argue that colleges should make healthier, specifically vegetarian options readily available to all, specifically at SIUe. According to Weber, adjusting to college is difficult: “There is so much to worry about… it is nice to know that at least you have a warm meal waiting for you at the dining hall. That is of course unless you have a dietary restriction.” With that said, here at SIUe, for every one vegetarian option, at the main entree line, there are four entrees that contain meat. Also, the one vegetarian option that is offered, usually is the same four dishes offered in a different order each week. This is simply not enough. In my opinion, there should be a variety of meals that are suitable for all eating habits. First, I would like to argue that having a salad bar daily, is not enough. There should be a plethora of options for all types of eating habits here at SIUe. I, being a vegetarian myself, cannot count how many times I have went to the MUC, here on campus, for a late dinner, and nothing fitting my diet restriction, has been available to me. Weber states that, “Being a college student on a restricted diet can be tricky… many don’t realize that there are valuable resources in place to help students find a variety of menu choices that fit their diet and still satisfy their palate.” Applying that knowledge here, at SIUe,…show more content…
Many would like to please the most amount of people with the least amount of money. My refute to this argument, would be that although meat eaters greatly out number vegetarians, according to Vegetarian Times, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians. That is a lot of people. And 42% of these people are of college age. Therefore, the healthy food options would not go unused because many people eat vegetarian derived diets without even realizing. Having healthy options benefits more people than just the diet restricted
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