Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Get Paid?

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College students have a great amount of activities going on in their life: work, homework, exams, family, friends, and sports. Parents can help push their kid to be the best they are capable of being, sometimes everyone needs a push in life to get the wheels turning the right direction. Some college students are fortunate enough to get an academic scholarship or specific scholarships. Not all students are that fortunate enough to pay for the college experience. We know that college can be an expensive bill to pay, that is why parents may feel that they should help their child with the debts, but these parents should have the right to know what classes their children are taking because students may begin to not attend class, may be doing poorly, and they should not have to pay for their lack of work unknowing of their success.
When you think of a good parent, what do you imagine? Do you think of a parent that let’s them do the very minimal to get through life or do you think of a parent that pushes them to do the very best they can do to achieve greatness? Young college students don't know what they will want to do in life and they don't focus on school as much once they get there. They will need a push and their parents will be there for them when they need it. Parents will be able to access grades and know in which way to help.
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Students often go to their parents for help while they study through college. As college tuition gets higher and student loans become more difficult to get, the harder it is for a college student to pay completely for their college. Students will go through obstacles down the road and their parents will be there for them. Whether it's financially, physically or just mentally preparing their kid for the
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