Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Have Open Campus?

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There has been a major debate in many schools over the years: open campus. Students have had so many thought, opinions, and arguments over open campus, yet many schools remain closed to the idea. Administrators don’t seem to see the positives of having open campus. As with every other conflict on the world, there are pros and cons. On the subject of open campus I believe the pros outweigh the cons. I think having open campus could be very beneficial to students. There are many students who aren’t ever really content with the lunches provided at school. For one, having open campus allows students with certain dietary needs to have more options. While many schools have started to provide students with more options, school lunch menus are still lacking. With open campus, students can go to a favorite restaurant or home to get the food they need. Open campus would also allow students to have a meal to help them get through the day even more. There is also…show more content…
They may think that allowing students to leave school would break their concentration. That breaking the learning environment would be non-conducive. They also might believe that open campus should be a reserved special privilege or reward. For example, our own Euclid High School, allows students with golden i.d.’s to leave campus for their lunch period. Though how is this fair to other students? Some administrators may also think that if they allow students to leave school, they won’t return to school. Though I believe that giving students open campus, allow them to have a little bit of a reprieve, they will return to school. While there are many who believe open campus is a bad idea, but it really isn’t. This one scenario where the pros outweigh the cons. I think that open campus would do nothing but benefit students. I believe that students’ all around performance would greatly increase if schools would allow open
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