Argumentative Essay: Should Colleges Be Free?

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The average cost for public four-year colleges in the United States is eighteen thousand nine-hundred and forty-three dollars, and the average income of someone making minimum wage in Nebraska is sixteen thousand six-hundred and forty dollars. This causes the students attending the colleges to get student loans. Thousands of students go into debt because of student loans for college that is not free, causing them to have to pay it off for up to ten or more years. Due to this overwhelming fact, colleges should be free. Based on my opinion that colleges should be free I will be explaining why it is not free, why it should be free, and how we could make it free here. Why is college not free in the United States? According to Joy Pullmann, managing editor of The Federalist, “In the six years after beginning to attend community college, only twenty-one percent of students graduate with a two-year degree” (Pullmann). She states that making colleges free would increase the amount of people that attend the college, but still not graduate (Pullmann). I do agree that there would be some problems with people only going to college because it is free. We do have that problem now with some parents paying the children’s full tuition, but the student does not take college seriously. She also says that…show more content…
He said “The amount of athletics spending per athlete at universities in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Football Bowl Subdivision grew by about fifty percent between 2005 and 2010, compared to a thirty-eight percent increase in in-state student tuition at public four-year universities” (Kiley). If most of our tuition is paying for sports activities and supplies and they stopped taking it out of student’s tuition, their tuition would be significantly lower than it was before and more people would be on the side that colleges should be
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