Argumentative Essay: Should Colleges Be Paid?

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A Lot of people say colleges are too expensive to attend especially people with low incomes i disagree. i do think they should be lower though. like for instance it 's going to cost me 60 thousand dollars to attend four years of college wich in my head isn 't that bad, but for others it might be too much. there are some geniuses in the world that can 't attend college so yes the cost should be lower .

if state colleges were free,taxes would skyrocket and where would the colleges get the money to upgrade their facilities, or the money to pay their taxes now like i said before they should be lower. Not alot lower but lower so some of the geniuses in the world can be able to go out get jobs and do the stuff they 're good im ok with the prices now but if they were lower i think i would have no problem with any bit of it. But still i don 't think they should be free despite popular opinion which i honestly think those people understand what would happen if colleges became free. More than likely the colleges would turn out pretty
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So how would they get the money to build more classrooms i don 't think that a bake sale will cover that one nor will a car wash of epic proportions so how will they get the money i mean the state 's not going to pay for that would leave the state broke starting the process all over again meaning the college would have to reinstitute the pay for your class policy and but this time the cost would be way higher and no one would be able to attend the college meaning the college can 't pay the state back and then the college gets shut down then people who attended the college would have to find another college and then have to pay the dorm tuitions and that would leave them in
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