Argumentative Essay: Should Corporates Have The First Amendment Rights

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Cute little Hailee Sue has saved her allowance for two months and her mother allowed her to set up a lemonade stand in her front yard with supplies she purchased from the Dollar Tree. Her mother posted on Facebook of her daughters business venture, and she slaved away making the lemonade and setting her stand up. Hailee was so excited of the five dollars she invested she made fifteen, and she was eager to start again next weekend. Her lemonade stand is a grand example of a sole proprietorship. The success, failure, profit, and/or loss is solely Haliee’s burden (SBA, n.d.). For sake of an example, say Hailee has the magic touch and that yard stand she opened with five dollars is now the famous corporation Hot dog on a stick. Hundreds of chains are successful nationwide. Liability, taxation, raising money, are no longer her sole responsibility, and there are hundreds of people intertwined to run this corporate food chain (SBA, n.d.). If one hot dog on a stick closes their doors it does not adversely…show more content…
Through research I was attempting to find evidence towards the freedom of speech, but the freedom of religion is at the forefront of the articles. Especially the current media storm surrounding Hobby Lobby and the defiance in offering affordable care act to employees because the insurance provides abortions. Hobby Lobby contended their freedom of religion clause was being threatened due to the religious companies zero tolerance on abortion (Colombo, 2013). The first amendment act is so tricky and there are so many factors intertwining the issue. My personal opinion prevailing, I do not think corporations should have the same first amendment rights as individuals. A corporation enter-workings do not affect one sole person the decisions affect thousands. That said, if the corporation had the same rights their decisions could alter or take away the individual’s right of their
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