Argumentative Essay: Should Doctors Make A Change?

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Doctors take care of patients to make this world a healthier place- but that’s not all. Doctors are the necessary catalysts for change and order. They show the world what must be changed through new medical treatments, patient care, and more. Without them, there would be no difference between someone who wants to make a change versus one that actually does make a change. This part of the health field was something I was exposed to at a young age. During sophomore year, I participated in a competition event called biomedical debate. The debate stemmed from war veteran issues such as disabled treatment to health care coverage, opening my eyes to the world of injustice. Doctors ensure that those that are disabled get the necessary rights they…show more content…
The affirmative side fought that veterans needed more benefits and the negative side sought for no change even when many veterans are suffering with little to no benefits and money. As I was handed the slip with our side on it, it gleamed with the bolded words of “NEGATIVE”. Fighting for the negative side was arduous because there was no way that the veterans deserved no further health care. It made me realize just how importance and meaning of justice. Without these movements made by numerous hospitals such as veteran hospitals, there would be no way for an actual change. It would hinder the world because of these small inequities. That’s the impact the medical world has and just how important it is to equally distribute and maintain correct health care and medical rights. The often barbaric circumstances some minorities are put through such as high medical copays that can’t be paid due to low income jobs is something that is in need of change. Saying this, although there is a variety of issues amongst the medical community when concerning injustice, it’s our duty as future health care professionals to make a change. The experience I went through only made me want to help sooner rather than later which increases my passion for medicine. Helping people is what I want to do, but making an actual difference is the real outcome that I
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