Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Get Shot Or Beaten Up?

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Should everyone get shot or killed or beaten up because of the color of their skin. Should everyone be hated because of their race. Should there be groups of people that talk about whites or blacks like the KKK or the Black Panther. Should everyone get along no matter their race or how they dress, don’t you wish everyone should just get along.
First and foremost, I believe that everyone can work together and not fight all the time. What is sad is that when people are getting killed by their race like the 17 year old Brian ogle suffered 3 skull fractures after getting beaten up at an ace hardware store in the parking lot on September 30.Police arrested Quartez Walker 20 years,Bobby Brown 19 years,La Noah Ealy jr.18 years and Daceon Nix,20 years.The stupid thing is that he got beaten up just for saying blue lives matter on facebook. It just scares me to see a 17 year old kid getting beaten up for just saying that blue lives matter.
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After they were done they got arrested and they saying it was not a hate crime. Can you believe that I think it is a hate crime the only reason they beat him up was that he was white isn’t that messed up, I think it is because these teenagers hate white people.The thing is that all these black are beaten up the white people is that white people started killing black people and that’s when black lives matter started and the Black Panther and then the white people were like ok and then that’s when the KKK happened and then it started to get
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