Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Go To College?

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While reading this textbook They Say, I Say, I preferred the Should Everyone Go to College?. Choosing this essay since it caught my attention. Acquiring an education is compelling it is also a smart investment. Obtaining a bachelor's degree can motivate thou toward becoming prosperous with the right profession. In a recent study, researchers determined that college grads amidst a bachelor's degree earn a higher salary correlated to individuals amidst a high school diploma. Therefore, statistics concluded that a college that is competitive receive a substantial return on investments of a bachelor's degree by institution type. Depending on which field, thou decide as a career path and how many years of education it requires in earning a bachelor's…show more content…
In fact, one of the central purposes of this essay is to encourage individuals to get a college education. For pupils wanting to attend college, there is FAFSA a government assistance to assist with low-income undergraduates attending college. A numerous of low-income undergraduates often become in debt attempting to acquire a degree from a four-year college. Meanwhile, I coincide with the Should Everyone Go to College? piece. The essay contains credible statistics regarding attaining a college education. If considering moving out of the low-income bracket, thou must obtain a college degree. Nevertheless, Owen and Sawhill stated, "Research suggests that additional education improves overall wellbeing by affecting things like job satisfaction, health, marriage, parenting, trust, and social interaction." Furthermore, statistics of a college graduate obtaining a bachelor's degree wages stood out to me. Reading this essay inspires, including challenges myself to further my college education. Meanwhile, witnessing my parents not having an education, although living impoverished encourages me to live a prosperous life Moreover, to be financially stable. After reading this article alters my perception about education. As a result, statistics reveal obtaining a college degree limits being in the unemployed bracket. Achieving a goal is impossible as long as thou is willing to put in the
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