Argumentative Essay: Should Football Be A Sport?

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Knock,knock do you think that football should be a sport well some people say it should not and other people say it should so today you are going to learn three reason why they should be a sport and why they should not first reason people say it should not is because you can get injured,you could get a concussion, and the good reason is Let them play, those are my three reason To begin with, people think it should not be a sport is you could get injured you can get injured in many ways you can get tackled head to head you can get a broken foot you could get a broken hand you could get sacked, there are many ways you could get injured playing football for example a in sorce one it states brain injury can result when a player uses his helmet to hit another player in the helmet this is called a head to head hit and the NFL's rules impose a penalty on a player who uses this tactic.that is one example that what could happen.

Furthermore, people say that it can cause a concussion a concussion can happen if you do a head to head tackle but alot harder and football players suffer of concussion a concussion is a when you get tackled so hard that you lose your memory when you lose your memory you cant remember anything, alot of players suffer from a concussion football
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And those were the two reasons of why they should let them
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