Argumentative Essay: Should Footballers Be Paid?

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Are footballers paid too much money?

Over the years many footballers are seemed to have been overpaid especially the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo who is set to sign a £580,000 contract with Real Madrid. Many people don’t think footballers should be paid this much because other jobs such as a soldier are paid a lot less. I understand that soldiers are not paid as much money as footballers but why does this mean footballers are overpaid?

The footballer is not in fault for being paid this amount of money so why shouldn’t they be allowed to have it. Most of the footballers wage comes from the fans as they are willing to pay the high ticket prices of £50 per game. In Anfield stadium, it holds 45,000 people, and the stadium is usually full. Liverpool
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They are the ones responsible for all the money being made and it is only fair that they get a large amount of it, shouldn’t they? Others may suggest that companies such as Tesco that has total revenue of £65 billion, should also give their employees and generous amount of money, as they are at the centre of their success. The thing with Tesco is that they have over half a million employees and it would be impossible to pay each individual employee generously and also that the employees are easily replaceable, unlike footballers who have irreplaceable talents. For all the revenue that players bring to the club from football kits to winning goals, they deserve to have a good amount in the money.

People compare footballers to soldiers saying “why should footballers be paid more than soldiers” but these occupations are so different they shouldn’t be compared. I do agree that soldiers are not paid enough money for putting their lives on the line but this shouldn’t be compared to football as they are two completely different jobs but unfortunately for soldiers they do not have enough money in their line of work, unlike

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