Argumentative Essay: Should Guns Be Regulated?

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Did you know there’s about 30,000 deaths and 70,000 gun injuries a year according to the daily news? So there’s about 40-50 deaths a day in America. I am taking a stand on more gun regulation because people who believe that guns needs to be regulated for the following reasons, guns are one of the leading causes of suicide and deaths according to Wikipedia. Also people that have guns commit mass murders, school shooting etc. There are many reasons why guns need to be regulated. One reason why guns should be regulated is because criminals or anyone can get a gun and cause destruction. For Instance,the sandy hook shooting caused by Adam Lanza. Adam Lanza an autistic boy carried a massacre on the Connecticut School Sandy Hook. This shooting killed around 26 boys and girls including adults of the school according to the Another Example is…show more content…
Another why guns aren’t safe according to 3 kindergartener were wounded when a gun discharged. Ironically the gun fell off the pocket of one of the students. This goes to show why guns aren’t safe anywhere but also again anyone can get a gun. Another Reason why guns should be regulated is because many of our world leaders were assassinated with guns. An Example will be Abraham Lincoln shot killed by John Booth with a gun. While another example is John F Kennedy’s assassination led Lee Oswald. Both can conclude that thoughout history majority of assassination tools were guns. Also that both of these people can get a hold of a gun what’s to say anyone can get a gun can kill a person of higher power. But if the Government regulates guns it will violate our rights. For Instance the 2nd Amendment allows us to bear arms. Another reason why not to regulate guns is that guns don’t always cause death. Why regulate guns when a vehicle caused about 34,000 death a year according to Wikipedia which is more that is gun deaths. Also guns don’t kill people, people kill people and gun is a tool which you need
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