Argumentative Essay: Should Handguns Be Allowed?

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In 1968 Steve Sposato went before the Judiciary committee. He was raising the question of gun control after the assassinations of the united states leaders during that era. (e.g, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy) He won the case and then in response caused The Safe Streets Act 1968, and The Gun Control Act 1968. That became the tipping point of all the gun control debates today. However those two acts were not enough, in the 1960’s there were 6 mass shootings, and in 1990’s (the most mass shootings in history) there were 42 mass shootings. This is partly because there are too many loose laws when it comes to one of the most dangerous and commonly used item. However some have a different perspective. Although some don't want…show more content…
Some do not feel comfortable with the government's leniency on handgun ownership. An example of this is Agusto, an Irvington resident, who feels he needs a gun for self defense. According to a publication on gun control, Agusto is recorded as stating, “Either I'm going to kill them or they're going to kill me,...I didn't like doing that. I didn't have any choice.” People feel as though it is necessary to have a gun because hey feel as though they are in danger. Like this man they feel that they need to protect themselves before others decide to kill. (add citation). Some people feel as though they have no choice but to carry a firearm because they feel as though they are in so much danger. People should not have to buy a handgun because they are scared that is not the answer. However this should not be the way “By one government estimate, Americans use guns to defend themselves or thwart crimes hundreds of times a day. As gun owners and pro-gun advocacy groups say new gun-control laws in New York will swing the advantage to lawbreakers…” More guns equals more crime, if there was no handguns, there would be less scared people. Speaking of scared one of the scariest weapons is semi-automatic
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