Argumentative Essay: Should It Be A Free Community College?

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Free Community College now that has a nice ring to it, but it can’t just be that simple right? The majority of the people today side with a certain political party whether they admit it or not, so the opinion may already be basis by what their party thinks. Well according to the majority of the democratic party is in favor for free tuition for community college and the majority of the republican party is not in favor. The problem is no matter what party you side with or what you personally believe in does not mean anything about the facts. There are pros and cons to free tuition just like anything else, so what are they? It is believed by many that if you have free tuition it can “help close the gap between the haves and the have-nots.” The theory behind the idea is because they believe this will encourage the have-nots to continue in…show more content…
There was an increment in enrollments in Tennessee after they made it free for all students and it is projected that if this goes nationwide that around 9 million students could benefit from this and get some type of degree. The cost of this is a problem for some. It is projected that in over 10 years, it will cost over 60 billion dollars to pay for the free tuition and that could very well increase. The United States is already in great debt as it is.
Finally I know the idea of free tuition for community college sounds magical for students and trust me I speak from personal experience. Just to think about not feeling stressed over failing a class that I don’t get right away is great. It is hard for a student to say no to free tuition, but I believe the student should look into what the cost will be in the future and not the present. The have-nots already can get free college, so why pay for the one who can and go into more debt? We will go into large debt and become in more trouble than we already
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