Argumentative Essay: Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

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Should Kids Have a Summer Break? Year round schooling is a big thing in some countries. Year round schooling has been going on for many years. Year round schooling is when you got to school year round. The kids get a three week break off. While the rest of the kids come back from their three week break. They do not go to school for the whole year without getting no breaks.
The first reason why kids should have a summer break is because year-round schools are too complicated. One of the complications is money. According to Matthew Lynch, the cost of electricity is higher in the summer. Another reason is that the average electricity bill in the summer goes up by 4 to 8 percent. In addition, if the electricity isn’t used during the summer,
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As a student, I believe that you can still learn during the summer without setting in school. People do a lot if camping with their children to learn about the great outdoors. Kids have more time to practice manners, be responsible for family pets, learn how to clean, help with chores and build relationships (Brown). As a student, I believe that kids should have to help around the house. Summer break is the perfect time to try out a new sport, pick up a new hobby, or master a new skill like braiding or gardening (Brown). As a student, I believe that kids should try new things and then they might like it. To combat summer learning loss, children can participate in a family book club, reading programs at the library, or just take frequent library trips (Brown). As a student, I believe that kids should at least read one book a week.
Counter Argument for Why We Should Have year round school Some people would say we should have summer break. On the other hand, I think we should have year round school. According to Amanda Morin, we should have year round schools because shorter summer breaks mean students are less likely to incur summer learning
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