Argumentative Essay: Should Kids Have Summer Break?

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Karrington Lacy
Mrs. Misselhorn
7th Hour Language Arts
24 March 2017 Should Kids have Summer Break? Would giving us summer vacation cause me to lose my extra activities in the summer? I think we should keep our summer vacation to keep are extra activities. America should not switch to year-round schooling because it gives children more time with their families.
The first reason why kids should have summer break because it is an American tradition. According to Brian Childs, summer vacation helps the passage from childhood to adulthood. Furthermore, summer vacation also helps grow in personal and career opportunities (Childs). According to another article Rachael Stark, Americans today take their summer vacation for granted, unlike the urban schools in the 1800s. Kids went to school from December to March and mid-May to August, so that they could help with planting and harvesting (Stark). As a student, summer vacation should stay and
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According to The pros and cons of year-round school, it can be difficult to find people to watch the kids when they are not at school. Furthermore, you can lose time with your family, since the schedules may be different. In addition, this article, without summer vacations lack emotional and developmental well beings (“The pros and cons of year-round school”). As a student, summer vacation is good for family trips. According to another article the pros and cons of year-round schools, once you had gotten into a good start in work then it would be time for another short break. Likewise, changing schedules is one of the toughest situation for the children and the parents. Two breaks every six weeks sometimes can be disruptive (“The pros and cons of year-round schools”). As a student, taking a break every few weeks can give you a chance to give your brain a
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