Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

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If I could have five to ten minutes out of your time to express my opinion on why I feel marijuana should be legalized. Tons of people around the world feel that this so called “plant” is horrible for humans but in all reality it’s not for example marijuana CURES cancer a really bad disease that kids and adults deal with. There are a lot of other things it can do in fact it can keep peoples nerves calm billions of people do not just smoke marijuana to get that high feeling they also smoke to get through the day because some people have anxiety issues and cannot cope with the world . One reason I feel that marijuana should be legalized is because it can make the government a ton of money. The reason the government would make billions is because…show more content…
When they smoke it makes them really calm and they can go around people without flipping out. Making marijuana legal can help out a lot. Marijuana will keep these people out of trouble as well to because they will not get scared and feel threatened. Marijuana has really good affects. The fourth reason is marijuana can help the disease cancer. Cancer is a powerful disease and sometimes cannot be cured. So many people have died from this disease starting from new born babies to old people . To find out that there is something that can cure this evil thing and ease the pain these poor people have to feel and deal with. This makes a huge impact on these cancer fighting victims life and most likely means a lot to their families also. Finally my last reason is employment for people. If marijuana was legal then jobs would have more workers and would not have to have work wanted signs. People get fired every day for failing drug test and this is stupid and pointless. More workers jobs have the more money the businesses can make. Plus families have to provide for their family and have a income to pay bills and buy food. With this being said people should not be fired for failing a drug test for marijuana it is not causing no harm to anyone around so I do not see why it can not be legal
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