Argumentative Essay: Should Marry Die?

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Tylar Dalley
Ms. Roberts
ELA _5__
15 March, 2017
Should Marry Die
Booth is a guy who killed the president and A girl named Marry was someone who kinda knew about his plan. But Mary thought that he was going to kidnap the president when really he had switched plans and he killed him instead. The problem is everyone thought that she was apart of the assassination when all she did was take his guns to a place, and she gave him a pair of binoculars that he ended up using when he killed the president. Mary Surratt should not be hung for her crimes. Mary she wasn 't in the paper with the others who killed Abraham. When Booth gave the paper to a buddy with all the names on it he didn 't put Marries name on the paper. Mary didn 't play a big enough roll to Both so he never put her in as apart of the plan. But Mary did know about the first plan of just kidnapping the president but Booth decided to change the plan and didn 't tell Marry that he was going to
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The fact that Mary never knew what was going on she couldn 't tell anybody. If Mary never knew what was going on then why did she get in trouble for it? Booth never came to her and told her what 's going on. She didn 't know that she was helping him do something that was wrong. Marry could be held responsible for one thing though. The cops came to her house and asked her some questions that she really didn 't know about. But after the assassination the cops came again and asked her some more question that she did know but acted like she didn 't know what was going on. The cops noticed that she was acting weird and caught on to it that she really knew about it and that she helped Both kill the president. So the fact that she acted kind of silly and isn 't very good at hiding things she gave herself up. The way they decide to kill Mary was a little harsh for what little she did, Mary Surratt should not be hanged for her crimes. Because of the evidence i gave above supports that she didn 't do anything on
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